Description: FAITHFUL, FEISTY AND FORMERLY FERAL-Lindley and I are caught a little bit between a rock and a hard place. You see, we started life out as feral kittens, we were brought to the shelter and subsequently rescued by the VBAS. As we have spent the majority of our lives in foster care receiving the best of everything and have become very used to the comforts of home we don’t want to be outdoor cats. Usually the only option for feral cats is the outdoor life but it’s not our style. As we still have one or two of our feral genes though, that prevents us from being lap cats. Having feral genes isn’t a bad thing, it simply means that we’re independent not needy, attached to our people emotionally but not cuddly. We need the in-between. A home with people to love and who will love us in return but not expect us to be snuggly. Once we’re settled in our new home it would be lovely to be allowed to go outside now and then, those pesky feral genes again calling us into the fresh air. Lindley and I don’t know each other but our foster moms believe we would be a match made in heaven. We are however also available for adoption individually.
Foster Contact: Jacqueline 818-843-9398 or