Hi there! My name is Dennis, but everyone calls me Denny. I am the cutest little tabby kitten with lots of fun markings! I am very energetic and love to jump. Even if there is no reason for me to jump, I will still just jump around for fun. I love to climb up my scratching post and balance myself on top of it. I quickly learned how to climb to the top of my little kitten jungle gym! I am a little shy with strangers at first, but even if I don’t know you, you can get me to approach you immediately if you have a toy! I very much enjoy chasing and wrestling with my brother Bobby. Sometimes I will let out a little hiss if you startle me, but I forget it ever happened within five seconds. I also really miss my momma and therefore enjoy nursing on the end of my tail when it’s bedtime. Sometimes I even nurse on the end of my brother Bobby’s tail, but his tail moves a lot. I do not enjoy being by myself, so I think I need to go to a forever home with my brother Bobby. He is very brave and teaches me to not be so afraid. Please contact my foster mom, Jennifer, to meet me! (218) 591 – 6636