Hi there! My name is Vern, and I’m a fluffy little gray tuxedo kitten. I am extremely full of energy and love to play. I love to play with humans and I am very gentle when we play. It’s fun to race up to the top of the couch and run back and forth as fast as I can. I have a cute little sister named Shirley and we love to wrestle together. I am quite a bit bigger than her, so I enjoy my advantage, although she often tackles me first! I also love to play with boxes and any toys that are presented to me. My foster mom says that I haven’t quite found my voice yet because every time I try to meow around meal time, all that comes out are little squeaks! I also like to take naps after I play and I enjoy cuddle time. When I’m really relaxed, I’ll even let you pet my little white tummy. My sister Shirley and I have grown up together from the start and we love each other dearly, so therefore we would like to come to your house together! Please contact my foster mom Elaine at 310-529-7362 to come and meet us!