Description: Hello there, my name is Lucy, and I am an adorable black tabby kitten. I look a lot like my brother Linus, but my face is more “girly” and I have darker fur. I’m also a bit smaller than him. I have the cutest little spotted belly! I like to talk a lot, especially when you pet me or pick me up. I am a bit more independent than my brother Linus and think that playing is more fun than cuddling. Cuddling has its time and place too, but who wants to waste time cuddling when we can play all day?! My favorite past-time is wrestling with my brother Linus. I hope that I can go to a forever home with him so we can wrestle together forever! If you would like to come visit us and maybe love us in your home, contact my foster mom, Jennifer! (218) 591 – 6636