Tom 2

My name is Tom and I’m the brains of this organization! I’m a *very* fluffy grey male medium/longhair kitten (the photos do not do me justice: I’m even *fluffier* in person). I’ve definitely got some Persian in me. Unbelievably, some folks have trouble telling me and my littler brother, Jerry, apart. It’s easy: In addition to being a little bigger, I’m the one that looks *smarter*. In addition to brains, blue eyes and good looks, I’ve got a great purr that I like to show off at the drop of a hat or the lightest of pets. I also like to eat, and will serenade you with my soprano voice as you prepare my food. (I’m really something else.) I also like to play with toys, people, the two adult cats in my foster home, and especially my brother Jerry. My siblings Cupcake and Maggie are fun too. I have a regal way of bounding around that you’ve got to see. (Foster dad’s note: He looks ridiculous. Like a bouncing barrel of lint.) But enough of me talking about me. It’s time for us to meet…so you can talk about me! Contact my foster dad Chris at (And by the way, Jerry and I make a great pair. Some would say we’re a matched set!)