Tuva practices daily for her upcoming audition to be on the TV show, “The Love Boat”. She must not know it’s no longer in production. What a snuggler she is! She’ll sit on your lap for hours as you gently stroke her tummy and paws. She also loves to curl up in people clothing to hide for her nap. No stranger to kitten games, she’ll wrestle with Kiri when the game gets going, but she’s the first to settle back down for a nap. Her big blue eyes and slightly darker fur will captivate your heart. She loves everyone. Tuva would love to be adopted by a family that will take both her sister, Kiri, and herself, but it’s not a must. Be prepared to be loved by these two! They will steal your heart, and your car keys. To meet Tuva, contact Nancy at nancy.weckwerth@gmail.com or 626.373.3636.