Description: Spook would win the “Miss Congeniality” prize at every beauty contest. Smart, clever,and courageous, she’s already learning to “fetch” from her housemate, Thunder. Spook is a total people cat. She’s always hanging with the humans, sleeping beside them on the couch, gently teasing their hair, and getting into mischief any way possible. She is doing well with learning the word “NO” because she hears it so much. Her coloring is especially cute, her four gray spots are on the right side of her body. When you see her from the left side, she’s all white. She’s a spook that changes color so she can confuse you. This kitten is a lot of fun and needs a home where people truly appreciate and love a cat with real “character”.
To meet “Spook” contact her Foster MomKat, Nancy Weckwerth at 626.373.3636 or email her at nancy.weckwerth@gmail.com