Description: Hi!  My name is Pepper and I’m a big grey male tabby.  I’m a big boy and a total goofball.  I’m a very active and kinetic kitten with all the poise and grace…of a moose.   Come visit and you’ll see me running up cat trees, into walls, and wrestling with my siblings.  I’m a ton of fun and just slightly uncoordinated, which makes things even more fun!  After all that play, I love to snuggle up with my foster dad and get belly rubs.  And if he’s not around, I’ll snuggle up with my sisters Cinnamon and Nutmeg.  I’d love it if you adopted me with a sibling, but I think I’d be ok on my own too.  But I’d be happiest in a new home with another cat!   So drop everything and come and visit me!  Toss a toy in my direction…and watch me grab it and walk off with it!  (It’s pretty darn cute)  Contact Chris