Norman DSC_0099_HR Do you squeal with glee when you see a wiry-haired, ethereal looking canine? Are you a fan of the movie “Gremlins”? “The NeverEnding Story”? Then, you just might have to get you some Norman! This adorable Norwich Terrier mix is just four years old and a total love bug! He is a jolly little dude that will make a fantastic walking partner and travel companion. Norman loves kids of any age and gets along great with all sized-dogs too! Absolutely NO cats, though, gerbils, bunnies, or other small creatures in the house, because this is a Norwich Terrier dog. Emphasis on the Terrier, if you know what we mean. So rent a movie like “The Muppets”, and come adopt Norman, A063155, to watch it with the family! He’ll love seeing some of his cousins on the big screen while he cuddles up with everyone on the couch!