Spot A066850

My name is Spot!  How did I get that name?  Well, I have only one spot on my back while my siblings have two or more.  That makes me stand out in a crowd.  Okay, that and my half-black/half-white chin!  I’m a fierce hunter of toy mice, but I also like laps and belly rubs.  I’ve got big goofy paws, and like to run about, often with hilarious results.  (Once I get this coordination thing down, watch out!)  I love being with my siblings Max, Furiosa and especially Alice, as well as the adult cats in my foster home.  I also *love* playing with people.  So come on over and toss a toy mouse in my direction and watch me leap/stumble/roll around.  (I’ll be graceful one day soon, you’ll see!)  I’d very much like to be adopted with one of my siblings, but I’d be okay going to a home with another cat too.  Contact my foster dad, Chris ( and come meet me!