My name is Bagel, and I am a handsome male gray tabby kitty with swirl marks on both sides of my body. I might be shy at first, but I warm up very fast. I am a very playful kitten, and I love to wrestle with my brother, Muffin, around the house. I am full of energy and I can play the entire day. My favorite toys are feather wands and toy balls. I also like to carry toys in my mouth. I purr loudly and enjoy being petted and having my shoulders and head massaged, but who doesn’t, right? At night, I like to sleep right next to your pillow and that’s my favorite spot. I might not be the best fit if you have young children at home; however, I would love to go home with another kitten to grow up with. If you can adopt my brother Muffin, too, that’s a plus since we play together and he likes to follow me wherever I go. If you’d like to meet me, please contact my foster mom, Judy, at