The saying goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words.”  Well, pretty sure Felix’s VBAS portrait screams just a few: “I”m so ready to get outta here!”  This Chihuahua fellow found his way to the shelter as a stray… a twelve-year-old stray.  Once he warms up, Felix is the sweetest little dude that loves to be pet and held.  His look is nothing but absolutely adorable!  Photograph this boy with your own hilarious captions, and you’d be a social media sensation!  Felix is a senior canine model, with a darling personality and a sweet, expressive face.  He’ll need some training and attention, and could be the perfect companion for a seasoned-at-life human!  So, why don’t you come scoop this cutie-pie up?!  Make his dreams come true!  Change two lives at once!  Adopt and love Felix, A073564!