Now, how would you feel if you were an adorable duo of senior dogs, and your owner up and moved to some exotic country, but left you behind?!  Oh… the torture!  Well, Digger and Rosie aren’t sipping Piña Coladas somewhere; instead they’ve found themselves at the shelter.  They are a very sweet bonded pair, looking for a loving home with room for two!  Digger is a red Dachshund boy, and Rosie is his gray Yorkshire Terrier best girlfriend.  Thirteen and eleven years experienced, respectively, these cutie-pies are ready for a second go at life!  Jet-setting isn’t necessary, though… just a compassionate family with big hearts and plenty of affection to share!  Adopt Digger, A045012, and Rosie, A055013: the most darling combo on the West Coast!