Get a load of the sweetest, most handsome dog around town!  Richie is a 2-year-old gray and white Pit Bull Terrier boy with a jolly disposition and a face to die for.  He is a giant lover-boy that likes kids and buddies up to other dogs.  Richie enjoys a good romp with a side of playtime, but don’t underestimate his ability to flop it out and relax on the couch!  This fella makes an excellent cuddle partner, and he won’t judge you for marathoning your favorite TV shows.  Some basic training will bond the family together, and of course you’ll want to be as close to that adorable kisser as possible!  Richie is an absolute darling, so hustle on over to the shelter and make him the happiest pup on the planet.  Adopt Richie, A076060!