Say Hello to Bison!

Fully-Trained!!! That’s what you want in a guy, and with Bison that’s what you’ll get!! He’s an 8-year-old Mastiff-mix who will swat you with his tail. . .in a good way! He loves people of all ages, though kids may not know enough to stay away from that tail, and he doesn’t know enough of his own strength, so he’s best for kids 10 years and older.

He wants to be the only pet in the family, and he’s the only pet you’ll need in the family. He’s very friendly and loves people, and yes, his training includes being house broken.

The “B” in his name also stands for beautiful as this guy has a lovely brindle coat that is a real head turner. Bison has been with the shelter since February and is ready to go home NOW! Drop by the shelter and get your “Bison On” today!