Mia is Looking for a Foster Home!

Have you ever been looking for a place to live and visited one in which you thought “this just isn’t going to work for me?” Well that’s what it’s like for some of our wonderful pets at the shelter such as Mia. This sweet, smart and athletic lady is full of love but she’s just not feeling the love of living at the shelter. So we’re putting out the call for a foster mom or dad to take in this wonderful girl until she finds her forever home.

Mia is an approximately 3-year old pit bull terrier, and volunteers who have worked with her say she is clearly a “house” dog, who just wants to cuddle with humans and fall asleep in your lap. At the shelter she’s more stressed and isn’t showing her true, loveable self which translates into being passed over for adoptions by people who can’t see her real beauty.

Mia needs a foster home where she can get outside, get some exercise and be away from the hustle and bustle that comes with shelter life. As Mia’s foster parent, you get to take her into your home and help socialize and promote her in the community and on social medial. Oh, and you get to play with her and watch her become her true Mia self. You’ll also have the support of the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Some dogs handle the shelter environment well, with all the sounds and various stimuli that they may or may not be used to. And some dogs just aren’t themselves in the shelter, so fosters take them into their home on a temporary basis so that they can flourish. Through the foster program, we find out more information about the dogs too because it’s a more relaxed environment in which they can really be themselves. And that means more information we can give to potential adopters.

The VBAS has many foster success stories in which the animals have flourished and moved on. . .if you can help Mia be her best, please contact vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com.