Mia is Looking for a Foster Home!

Have you ever been looking for a place to live and visited one in which you thought “this just isn’t going to work for me?” Well that’s what it’s like for some of our wonderful pets at the shelter such as Mia. This sweet, smart and athletic lady is full of love but she’s just not feeling the love of living at the shelter. So we’re putting out the call for a foster mom or dad to take in this wonderful girl until she finds her forever home.

Mia is an approximately 3-year old pit bull terrier, and volunteers who have worked with her say she is clearly a “house” dog, who just wants to cuddle with humans and fall asleep in your lap. At the shelter she’s more stressed and isn’t showing her true, loveable self which translates into being passed over for adoptions by people who can’t see her real beauty.

Mia needs a foster home where she can get outside, get some exercise and be away from the hustle and bustle that comes with shelter life. As Mia’s foster parent, you get to take her into your home and help socialize and promote her in the community and on social medial. Oh, and you get to play with her and watch her become her true Mia self. You’ll also have the support of the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Some dogs handle the shelter environment well, with all the sounds and various stimuli that they may or may not be used to. And some dogs just aren’t themselves in the shelter, so fosters take them into their home on a temporary basis so that they can flourish. Through the foster program, we find out more information about the dogs too because it’s a more relaxed environment in which they can really be themselves. And that means more information we can give to potential adopters.

The VBAS has many foster success stories in which the animals have flourished and moved on. . .if you can help Mia be her best, please contact vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com.

Say Hi to Stella

Want to add a low-key pet to your low-key house? Then check out Stella! Experienced cat owners will appreciate this approximately 6-year-old brown tabby girl who starts out slow around strangers, but then becomes your best friend.

You’ll soon find out that your lap and her purring are a great combination. She may also be a good combo with another cat, though she definitely isn’t into dogs. She would also prefer adults only in the house

Patience and love will pay you back ten-fold when this lovely lady adds some warmth to your home. Adopt Stella today.

Why I Adopted a Senior Pet

By Irina di Vincenzo

I have been volunteering at the Burbank animal shelter since the beginning of this year and it has been fulfilling in so many ways. The happiest moments are when an older or a long time resident of the shelter gets adopted.  I fell in love with an 8 year old cat at the shelter named Greyson and the moment he rested his head on my chest I knew I had to bring him home with me.  I wasn’t fully aware of what adopting an older cat really meant, but let me tell you something…the perks are many!

Greyson made himself comfortable the moment he got home.  He knew where the litter box was, where the food was, and *especially* where the couch was!  (We had to fight for what was formerly my spot on the couch.  He won but he likes to share!)

My husband and I work during the week, and Greyson happily enjoys the AC and some bird watching through the window.  Here he is laying on one of the many beds I made for him….and I just realized I don’t really own a blanket anymore.

He seems to understand my physical and emotional situations and he shows me his support and love by sleeping on me.  He can sense when I’m not feeling well and pays extra attention.  There’s finally a good thing about getting sick: we get to spend more time together.

When I’m home and taking a break from my busy life, I enjoy taking naps.  Greyson and I have a lot more in common that I thought.

We enjoy watching TV together, although sometimes he judges me for my movie choices.

He is also a well behaved “gentlecat” who waits for his treats with patience…at least most of the time.

Adopting an older cat is a great idea for someone like me, who is really busy and enjoys their time at home just relaxing.  Plus (and it’s the biggest plus) older pets will always have the “thank you for saving my life” look when in reality they have the magic power where they just exist and make your life better for it.

Our Kitten Foster Program Still Needs Fosters!

We’d like to say a big Thank Mew to the new kitten foster parents who joined the Kitten Foster Program (KFP) after our article (The Kittens Are Here) last month. We gained a dozen foster parents….but we received dozens of kittens too!

The kittens are still arriving, and we still need your help! We are expecting another 100+ orphan kittens to come in before the kitten season ends in (hopefully) November. The shelter does not have the space to house and care for them all. We need foster families who can give them a loving temporary home until they are big enough to be adopted. Fostering kittens is incredibly rewarding and it’s also a lot of fun. We will supply training, all supplies, and of course, the kittens.

Foster parents come from all walks of life, and we will give you kittens that match your lifestyle. They don’t take up much space (a bathroom is a palace compared to a kennel!), and they won’t mind if you work all day. Half the day in an empty house is better than 24 hours a day in a kennel, and they’ll be so happy to see you when you get home!

If you can bottle feed, if you can only take foster kittens that are already eating, or if you are only able to foster short term for a week or two at a time, we want you. Click here for more information about signing up to become a foster parent.
Fostering saves lives twice: You’re saving the kittens in your care *and* you are freeing up space at the shelter to save more lives!
Thank you!

Say Hello to Bison!

Fully-Trained!!! That’s what you want in a guy, and with Bison that’s what you’ll get!! He’s an 8-year-old Mastiff-mix who will swat you with his tail. . .in a good way! He loves people of all ages, though kids may not know enough to stay away from that tail, and he doesn’t know enough of his own strength, so he’s best for kids 10 years and older.

He wants to be the only pet in the family, and he’s the only pet you’ll need in the family. He’s very friendly and loves people, and yes, his training includes being house broken.

The “B” in his name also stands for beautiful as this guy has a lovely brindle coat that is a real head turner. Bison has been with the shelter since February and is ready to go home NOW! Drop by the shelter and get your “Bison On” today!

Amazing Kitten Daisy and her brother Stevie

Amazing Daisy and her brother Stevie are looking for their forever home.

Zooming around the house, chasing Stevie up and down the stairs, and playing with her toys. It’s just another day in the life of Daisy the Kitten.

You’d never know Daisy is blind.

Daisy, Stevie and a group of kittens arrived at the shelter in rough shape. They were all suffering from severe eye infections and eye trauma. Some of the kittens lost an eye. Daisy lost both of hers. But that hasn’t slowed her down one bit!

Stevie is super affectionate and will purr the minute you pick him up. He a real lap cat, especially when it’s nap time!  Stevie and Daisy are a bonded pair that love to play and follow each other all around their foster home.

Daisy continues to amaze us each day, but as far as she’s concerned, she and are brother are just a couple of typical kittens who like to play hard and then cuddle up and sleep.

This special pair is looking for their forever home. They love people, and get along great with cats and other kittens. (No dogs please) To learn more and meet them please contact their foster mom at beverlyd@thevbas.org.

Rockstar Kittens at the Starlight Bowl

Kittens from the the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter’s Kitten Foster Program (KFP) rocked out to some great tunes July 14th at the Burbank Starlight Bowl!
The Starlight Bowl hosts a series of outdoor evening concerts every summer, and the VBAS was lucky enough to be invited to attend and raise awareness about our furry friends.

Starlight Bowl MC Jeffrey Hopkins and Kitten Foster Dad Jim Richardson interview Rockstar Kitten Barney. (Photo by Deborah Dodge)

Mia practices hitting her marks while Betty waits backstage. (Photo by Deborah Dodge)

Volunteers Irina Di Vicenzo and Kim Freed watch the table while Betty and Barney sample the buffet before their big on-stage debut.
The VBAS would like to say a big thank you to the Starlight Bowl for letting us come to the party and show off our kittens!
Mark your calendar! The VBAS will be bringing dogs to the Bowl on July 28th and the kittens will be returning for the August 11th show. Get you tickets now and we look forward to seeing you there!

Whole lotta learning going on!

This just in: the VBAS at the Best Friends National Conference

20 VBAS volunteers joined over 1,6000 attendees at the Best Friends National Conference from July 19-21 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown LA.
Each day was packed with informational and inspirational animal welfare seminars where we learned about the latest ideas and strategies to increase adoptions and save more lives at the shelter.
We came away with a *ton* of new ideas and strategies, and we are super excited to begin implementing them.  We can’t wait to get started!  Watch this space for more news in the coming months.  Thank you Best Friends!

The Kittens are Here!!!


Kitten season has arrived and we need more kitten foster parents!   We need your help!

Kitten season (April to October) is here and this year Southern California has been hit harder than usual.  Shelters and rescues are seeing record numbers of kittens coming in and Burbank is no exception. The shelter does not have ability to house them all, so this is where the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter (VBAS) Kitten Foster Program (KFP) comes in.

In a normal year, KFP and its network of foster families will save over 200 kittens.  Fosters provide their kittens with safe homes, food and care until they are big enough to be adopted to their forever homes.  But this year KFP is on pace to take in over 300 kittens. We need more fosters to save all these kittens!   If you love kittens, you can absolutely save lives by becoming a kitten foster parent.  When you foster you are saving lives twice:  You are saving the kittens in your care, *and* you are freeing up space at the shelter to save more lives!

Neonatal kittens (0-4 weeks) are the tiniest kittens arriving at the shelter.  They need the most help and must be bottle fed every few hours. The number of bottle feeders coming in this season has increased dramatically and we *desperately* need more fosters who can bottle feed.

Our biggest need is for fosters who can bottle feed for a few weeks at a time, but if you can only bottle feed for a few days or on the weekends, that will be a tremendous help as well.

What goes into bottle feeding a kitten?  Check out this video from Kitten Lady! 


We also need fosters who can take in older kittens who are eating on their own, but just need a little more time to reach adoption weight.  If you have a busy work schedule or work full time these are the kittens for you! They won’t mind if you work all day: half the day in an empty house or apartment is better than 24 hours a day in a kennel!  These kittens are perfectly content to keep each other company while you’re away and of course they’ll be happy to see you when you get home!

The Kitten Foster Program provides comprehensive training for all foster parents, as well as all food, supplies, materials and medical care your kittens will need.  We’re also here to support you along the way! When your kitten is ready for adoption, we will help you market them on our website, social media, and at our kitten adoption fairs that are held twice per month.  Our adoption rate is 100%!

Karissa, a long-time bottle feeding foster mom, reports that “KFP has been super supportive, responsive, and understanding.  It’s so rewarding to see the kittens hit their milestones like opening their eyes, recognizing your voice, and even wrestle each other.  My kids have learned how to be gentle, compassionate, responsible humans because they are helping me raise these tiny little creatures.”

Laura, another foster mom, works with KFP as a bottle feeder on the weekends.  During the week, she fosters kittens that are eating on their own and can handle being by themselves for hours at a time. “The first time I fostered for the weekend, I was very nervous about caring for the kittens because they are so small, but the KFP leaders and the full-time foster were so reassuring and supportive.  I also have two small children and a dog. My oldest child is so excited about helping me care for the kittens, and fostering is a great opportunity to start teaching her to care for animals and the importance of volunteering in the community

If you can help foster, whether as a bottle feeder or for a kitten that is eating on its own, we want to hear from you!  Please click here to learn more and fill out the application.   (And if you know someone who might be interested, please send this along to them!)

And if you can’t foster but would still like to help, please consider making a donation.  Any size donation will go a long way to making sure the kittens have all the resources they need to keep the kittens happy, healthy, and adoptable!

Say Hi to Tiger and Sharkie

Everybody needs a brother, otherwise who are you going to compete with? Tiger and Sharkie are no different! The only thing these 4-year-old bonded boys might love more than each other is racing to fetch the ball. Okay, so Tiger is a little better at that game, but Sharkie doesn’t mind. He’ll just come back to you for some hugs and treats.

Tiger demonstrating his winking prowess.  Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Tiger is the brindle pit terrier mix and Sharkie is the black and white pit terrier mix – both are full of energy and ready to get active with you. They’re also social guys who enjoy meeting and greeting people.

Not to be outdone, Sharkie showing off his “wink with both eyes” skills

Someone who’s done the dog thing before, and has a little experience under their belt, might work best for these fun guys. And while they aren’t a fan of cats or kids under 13, they may be open to having another brother (or, yuck, a sister!) to compete against in the ball fetch.

If you’re looking for twice the love, you need to meet Tiger and Sharkie!

Meet Eve

Two-year-old kids like attention, and this almost 2 year old sweet kitty is no different. Except she’s the opposite of the terrible twos. . . we’d say she’s the touchy-feely-come-pet-me-and-gaze-into-my-eyes twos. That’s Eve, a beautiful brown and white domestic shorthair tabby who is approximately 1 year 10 months old and ready to hang out with people. That’s right, she likes, no, loves people!

This super affectionate and super playful gal is social and sweet and would make an awesome friend for someone as the only cat. Because hey, who wants to compete for mom’s (or dad’s) attention anyway? And speaking of attention, she’ll let you know when it’s petting time by rubbing your legs or sitting up properly and staring at you until you notice! She loves cheek scratches and will collapse in your hand as soon as you start giving them to her.

Eve’s come a long way from when she first arrived at the shelter. Back then, she wasn’t very socialized, she was scared and could be a bit aggressive. But with the patience and help from the VBAS Cat Socialization Team working with her every day, she’s really blossomed. Now, she’s very sweet, easy going and incredibly loving and playful.

Oh, and by now you may have noticed her distinct feature. . .her big ears. These Rabbitish ears give her even more character and cuteness. Adopt this sweetie now make this the summer of kitty love!

Adult Foster Sky finds her home!

Sky is beautiful Pit Bull Terrier mix with a goofy smile.  She’s also a graduate of the VBAS Adult Dog Foster program (ADF).
Sky first came to the shelter when her previous owners lost their home last year.  This active, regal, and fun lady had a very difficult time adjusting to shelter life.  What Sky didn’t know was that she was just ONE loving foster mom away from her forever home!

When Sky was in her kennel, she was an anxious nervous wreck, which hid her bright personality. This otherwise loving, caring and optimistic lady became a shell of herself and was beset by depression, anxiety and stomach issues.  Something needed to be done. Sky was a prime candidate for the Adult Dog Foster program!
ADF connects adult dogs at the shelter who are not flourishing with fosters who can give them a real home to stay in.  Fosters temporarily take in the dogs as if they were their own and provide them with love and care. This makes the animals happier, more sociable, and better prepared for their forever homes.

Mari, Sky’s foster-mom-to-be, had concerns at first.  She lived in a small apartment. Would Sky bark too much?  Sky was so nervous in her kennel. How would she be outside of it?  ADF worked with Mari, provided her with all the food and supplies she would need, and promised her that she could bring Sky back if things did not work out.  Once Mari committed to being a foster mom for Sky though, what happened next was truly magical!

On the car ride home Sky was sleeping in the back seat.  She immediately felt at home and at peace. Mari cuddled up with Sky the first night and they’ve been inseparable pals ever since!  Sky flourished and her depression, anxiety, and stomach issues disappeared. Almost overnight, she became a new dog.

Outside of the shelter with Mari, Sky is obedient, loving and trusting. Together Mari and Sky hit the beach, go to work together (where Sky patiently waits for Mari to finish), or just lounge on the sofa.  Currently, Mari is working on leash-training Sky and getting her used to being around other dogs by taking her to the dog park.

After this experience, Mari can’t imagine her life without her new pal. Mari considers herself a “failed foster” because she has chosen to adopt her “Sky Girl”.  Considering that Mari was originally hesitant going into ADF (and Sky’s amazing turn around) we can’t imagine a greater foster success!

The Adult Dog Foster Program is actively looking for more foster parents.  If you’d like to get involved, and have space in your heart and your home to help a dog like Sky, please contact vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com.
To learn about our current adoptable foster dogs, click here.
To see the work we do, follow us on Instagram at @vbasdogfoster

Puddy found his forever home!

Puddy, our most senior feline resident started the summer off the right way: he found his forever home!

This sweet and distinguished 13 year old shelter favourite with the gift of gab was quite talkative the moment he arrived at the shelter.  He would love to regale visitors and give out advice based on his many years of experience.

Master and commander of the counter stool

It all paid off when a nice family came to the shelter looking for a loving cat.  He walked right over, meowed a hello, and did a cheek rub to all five family members.  (Way to go Puddy!) Being a chatty one, he quickly talked them into taking him home.

As an older gentleman, It took a little while for Puddy to get used to his new home and figure out his new brother Oscar, the 80 lb Labrador Retriever.  Oscar was super excited to have another cat around. Puddy, well, not so much at first, but he came around! Now he and Oscar hang around together, and according to Oscar he’s even grown to appreciate the occasional doggy lick.

Puddy sharing “his” chair.

Puddy has a wonderful habit of nestling on your chest if you’re on the couch (or bed), and also loves to reach up and pat your chin with his paws.  He loves to meet new people, says hello to all guests, loves to play with kids and is extremely curious.
Rumor has it that Puddy’s new dad is more of a dog person, but Puddy is working on that…

Look into my eyes, silly human!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Puddy’s family for adopting and giving him a wonderful home to live out his golden years!

Bailey and Piper’s Dad has a big birthday!

The VBAS would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Burbank resident Don Burgess.  In addition to adopting bonded pair Bailey and Piper (formerly Chiquis and Yumma), this year Don turned his birthday birthday into a fundraiser for the Volunteers of The Burbank Animal Shelter.  Don has a tradition of hosting a big party for every birthday “that ends in a zero”, and for picking a charity for his friends to donate to in lieu of gifts. We’re not saying what the number is in front of the zero, but we can say that Don raised over $5,000 for the animals!  The funds he raised will pay for two special surgeries, sponsor over 50 kittens in our kitten foster program, and pay for needed medical supplies.
Happy Birthday Don!  Thank you so much for thinking of the animals!

Summer Pet Travel Safety

So you want to join the “Traveling with your pet” craze this summer? GREAT! You might save money on a pet sitter and have your best friend with you to enjoy your vacation too. But if you’re bringing Fido or Fluffy along, please take some time to get them ready for the trip so that they enjoy it as much as you do.

The first pit stop with your pit (or any pet) should be the dreaded vet. They may hate it, but you need to make sure they have a clean bill of health and are up-to-date on shots and vaccinations. Getting sick on the road is no fun for anyone.

Next thing on the check list is to check ahead with the airline and/or hotels to assure they’re pet-friendly. Many airlines, but not all, will let you bring your smaller dog/cat in an airline approved carrier onto the plane. This is preferred over flying your pet in cargo. Summer and winter are absolutely the worst times to fly with a pet in cargo due to the temperature extremes. The Center for Pet Safety is an excellent resource for more information about flying safely with your pet: Centerforpetsafety.org/air-travel/
And watch the sleeping aids! Tranquilizers can also raise body temperature and blood pressure while in the air. Check with your vet!

Also, do a little training. Get Fido comfortable in his or her carrier before you leave on the trip by having him log some time inside the carrier and, if you’re driving, inside the car too. Invest in a crash tested dog seatbelt or a crash tested crate for your animal’s safety. The Center for Pet Safety is an excellent resource, listing test results for a variety of products they recommend: Centerforpetsafety.org/

And remember, old food is road food. While we are justified in eating chips, candy and soft drinks on a road trip (hey, it’s vacation right!), your pet wants his same ole same ole treats and food. And make sure they have access to plenty of water. Some experts recommend your pet eating wet food to get more moisture. But if your pet isn’t used to that, then switch it several weeks ahead of time to make sure they like it!  You also may not want to feed your cat right before flying as he may get sick. Aside from the food, toss in some familiar toys and blankets, and your pet is road ready!
Once you’ve arrived at your pet-approved hotel room (remember that whole checking ahead thing), try not to leave them alone. If you absolutely have to go out on the town without them, then put them in, you guessed it, the carrier. Maids bust into the room regardless of how many door signs you hang, and that can startle your pet (heck, it startles us!) into trying to get out.
Take some time to cover all the bases of traveling with your pet, and you’ll have a vacation that you AND your pet will appreciate!  

Say Hello to Mia!

What’s a more fun way to lose weight than eating carrots and lifting weights?  Adopting Mia! Mia is 3-year-old red and white pit bull terrier mix who can help keep you active.  She loves hiking, running, walking, and pretty much any activity. In fact if you have a squeaky fabric doll for a game of fetch, she’ll be your best friend!

But don’t let that activeness fool you!  She loves being petted and talked to, and, well, you’ll find out that she’s also a good kisser!  For her other talents, all you have to do is ask. Ask her to sit and shake her paw that is. In fact you’ll want to add in some training to her schedule so that she learns more!

If your kids are under 13, they probably won’t be able to keep up with this dynamic girl.  She’s been waiting since September to find just the right house with an experienced owner, no cats and maybe another dog.
Adopt Mia and it’s a win-win (with a little weight lose-lose!).

Meet Cashew

Who says long hair is out of style for the Summer? Cashew wears her flowing locks well! Not only do they add to her gorgeous looks, but you’ll have that much more fluffy fur to pet when you adopt this black and white sweetie. And she does love to be petted, once she gets over that whole “I don’t know who you are” thing, then you’ll have a friend for life.

The arrival of a new family member with allergies is why she found her way to the shelter, but she doesn’t hold a grudge because she’s got a few allergies of her own that are taken care of with her special diet.   And speaking of special, she’s always been special as the only pet in the house, though she may do okay with other cats.

Of course a lady never tells her age, but we’re estimating Cashew to be around 10-years-old. Yes, she’s an adult which makes sense that she would prefer adults only in a quiet home where everyone can relax and, you know, pet her! Cashew has been waiting since December for her forever home . . . if you’ve been waiting for a furry beauty, then it’s time for you both to meet!


Beau got a new home and a new name!
The Shelter Favorite Formerly Known as Beau found his forever home this month and is now known as Fred!

Fred is doing great and loves going on walks, car rides, taking baths and cuddles.

He follows his new mom and dad everywhere they go.

Fred loves the water, so his parents bought him a kiddie pool to play in and a life vest so they can take him boating in the summer.  We’re looking forward to seeing photos of that!
Thank you Nazy and James for adopting!
More great news!  Long term resident Diesel (Meet Diesel, April 2018) found his forever home too!

Diesel joined another Burbank Animal Shelter graduate Logan, (formerly Austin), in his new home. It took them all of one day to become fast friends.  The two spend most of the day playing and running in the backyard.

They both sleep in the bedroom at night, and once his head hits the bed he’s out like a light!
Diesel still loves the water.  On the days the pool is filled he’s like a little seal, diving under the water and rolling all around.
[fvplayer src=”http://thevbas.org/wp-content/uploads/Beau-and-Diesel-Movie-HQ.mp4″ width=”320″ height=”568″]Diesel has two other dog friends, Jager (also from the Burbank Animal Shelter) and Chew Chew who belong to his adopters’ daughter and come over to play on a regular basis.  Diesel hit the jackpot and joined a large animal family!
Diesel’s new mom and dad added the following:  “We could not have gotten dogs from a more awesome, loving and caring shelter. Such a great crew of people. Hard to believe Diesel stayed at the shelter as long as he did. Must have been waiting just for us. He stole our hearts. We just love him so much already.”
Thank you Janet and Patrick for the kind words and for giving Diesel such a wonderful home!

Local Fundraising Heroes

The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter (VBAS) and the animals of the Burbank Animal Shelter were the recipients of some very generous community fundraisers this month.

Photo by Deborah Dodge

Local resident and animal lover Deborah Dodge organized a pancake breakfast with the help of the Burbank VFW Social Hall to benefit the VBAS on May 6.

Deborah Dodge & Christine Hatch
They had a raffle prize drawing, served pancakes to nearly 100 local residents and raised over $1600! That’s enough to provide lab work for over 30 animals in need of care!
Photo by Deborah Dodge

Thank you Deborah for organizing, the VFW Social Hall for hosting, and everyone who came out to the event!  All of the volunteers and residents truly appreciate your generosity and support!
Every May, Burbank resident and animal lover, William Hadley, hosts a Kentucky Derby Party with his friends and family.  This year he made it into a fundraiser for the animals and raised $1,541! That will sponsor 25 kittens in our kitten foster program!  Thank you William!

In addition to all of this, several local heroes helped raise money for the VBAS on their birthdays.  Volunteer Steve Dealph organized a birthday brunch at Simmzy’s that raised over $1,000. Brittany Abril, Hannah Low and Cameron Wardlaw (for the second year in a row.  Thanks Cameron!), turned their birthdays in to fundraisers for the VBAS on Facebook. Together they raised $985! These funds will help pay for our next special surgery.
Thank you again to everyone who generously donated their time, special events, and birthdays and turned them into fundraisers for the animals at the shelter.  Because of you, more animals are being saved!
Want to be a hero and turn your birthday into a fundraiser on Facebook?  Simply select “Support Nonprofit” in the area where you write your post and enter “Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter”.  It’s that easy!
Have an idea for a community fundraiser to support our Shelter animals and need some help or advice?  Email chris@thevbas.org and we’ll help you out!  

Police Fire Service Day!

The VBAS came out to support the community at the annual Burbank Fire Service Day on May 12th.

Bonded pups Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced and wagged their tails to the sounds of the John Burroughs High School Jazz Band.

Pit bull Poe the got a special visit from fellow pup McGruff the Crime Dog.

Animal Control Officer John McCullogh got in on the action by demonstrating his special technique for netting stray animals out in the field.

And the best part, Poe met his new family and found his forever home. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and made it paw-some!