FEATURED PET: Prince Rouger

This handsome boy is quite the catch! Prince Rouger is a 3-year-old, American Pitbull Terrier, who is full of energy. He’s very athletic and would make a great hiking or running partner. He can startle easily, so it’s important to approach him with positive energy. Prince Rouger needs an experienced and patient owner who can provide good training along with an adult-only home and a very secure yard. He may get along with other dogs, but not cats. If you’re looking for an outstanding companion, adopt Prince Rouger, A079097.


Leia is a lovely one-year-old Calico. She’s sweet and loving (on her terms) and loves it when you pet her. She can be a bit bratty at times, but, ironically, it adds to her charm! By the way, she’s not fond of baths. Due to her temperament, she needs an experienced owner and she does better with older children. If you’re interested in a fun, feisty feline, adopt Leia (A080441).


Talk about an oldie but a goodie! Cashew is a black and white Domestic Longhair who we estimate to be about 10 years old. This lovely girl can be a bit shy at first. But once she gets used to you, you’ll see how sweet she is and how much she loves to be petted. Cashew does best in a quiet household, so an adult-only home is recommended.  She has never lived with other animals, but she might be okay with other cats. Like a lot of us, this lovely girl has some allergies, but a special diet will keep them under control. If you’re interested in a loving companion to hang out with, adopt Cashew, A078591!


Cuddly little Delilah is a black Domestic Shorthair who loves to be held. She’s very sweet and loving, but she’s also quite fond of her me(ow) time. Delilah is 10-years-old (cats have 9 lives though, right?) and an indoor cat. She’ll need to be on special kidney food for the rest of her life, but her levels are very good and under control!
If you can appreciate a sweet senior and you’re looking for a lovely companion to come home to, adopt Delilah, A081213.


If you looked up “love bug” online, Meechu’s picture would probably be there. Meechu is a 4 year-old orange Tabby who is super-affectionate. She doesn’t even need to be bribed with treats to be friendly! And, as you can see, she’s already had quite a few treats in her day. Needless to say, this very big girl needs help with her ongoing diet so she’ll be ready for swimsuit season. But big or small, Meechu’s got it all!  If you want a sweet, adorable, and loving pet, adopt Meechu (A080050).


Bison is an 8-year-old mastiff-mix who has it all!  He’s super-smart, fully trained, and knows multiple commands.   This lovable lug is great with people of all ages, but he’d be best in a family with kids 13 and up.  He loves kids, but he doesn’t know his own strength or size when he gets excited, so he may knock them over.  (And watch out for his tail!) Bison is a very social dog with people, but must be the only pet in the family.  If you’re looking for a loving and happy companion, come adopt Bison, A079397.



Just take one look at Maggie Mae and you’ll fall in love! She’s a spayed Boston terrier/ cattle dog mix who’s super sweet, affectionate, and relaxed. At 13 years old, she has aged like a fine wine and just wants to be your buddy.  She’s also very clean, responsible, and seems to be potty trained! With her mellow and responsible demeanor, she would be a great dog for both apartments or homes. Stop by the shelter to meet Maggie Mae, A081040!

FEATURED PETS: Tiger and Sharkie

Tiger and Sharkie have had too many nights out on the town.  These two bachelors are bonded buddies looking to settle down with that special someone who can give them all the love and training they need.  They’re very sweet boys, but no kids or cats, please. They’re also very energetic, so they’ll need daily exercise. If you’re looking for fun and excitement, adopt Tiger, A059458, and Sharkie, A059459!


Lilly is a 3 year-old tan and brown Siamese cat with beautiful blue eyes. When you get past her intense stare, you’ll find that Lily is a sweet, loving cat who enjoys giving and receiving affection. Lily purrs loudly when petted and rolls over to get belly rubs! Lilly came to the shelter with her two newborn kittens.  Like any good mother, she was very protective of her little ones and did a great job raising them. Both kittens found their forever homes, and now it’s her turn. Lilly would do well in a quiet, adult-only home. She would love to relax with you and be your best friend. If you’re looking for the same, adopt Lilly, A075823.


Darcy is a one year old orange Tabby/Domestic Medium-Hair cat. He’s very playful and super-sweet once he’s comfortable in his environment and begins to trust you. Don’t be fooled by his standoffish demeanor when you first meet him in his kennel.  The moment you pick him up, he turns to mush and purrs uncontrollably. Darcy loves people-watching, but his favorite activity is playing with string toys. He likes other cats but is not fan of dogs or kids. He requires an experienced and patient owner who will allow him time to slowly come out of his shell. If you want a lovely companion, adopt Darcy, A075475.


Ten year-old Pod is a perfect Senior for a Senior. This brown and white Tabby/Domestic Longhair is shy, but very sweet after he warms up to you. And once he does, he’ll purr with delight when you pick him up. You’ll also never meet a cat (or dog) who loves to be brushed like Pod does! This adorable little guy needs a quiet home without kids or dogs. We’re not sure how he’ll respond to other cats. If you’re willing to take the time for him to adjust, you’ll be rewarded with a very affectionate cat.  He’s worth the wait, so adopt Pod, A080067.


Puddy is a distinguished, older gentleman looking for a nice home where he can retire. He’s a white and brown Tabby/Domestic Shorthair who is estimated to be about 13 years-old. He’s quite talkative, and loves giving out advice based on his many years of experience! He’s very sweet and would make a great companion for anyone, especially a senior! Adopt Puddy, A043986


Spock is a brown tabby Domestic Shorthair whose face and demeanor bear a striking resemblance to the legendary Star Trek science officer. Spock is a sweet and mellow older guy who prefers to contemplate the stars rather than be in the thick of the action. At 8 years old he’s aging like a fine wine and is looking for an adult household where he can chill out. Young kids move too fast for him and he’s not a fan of dogs. We are unsure how he behaves with other cats.  If you are looking for a relaxed meditation buddy to help you live long and prosper, adopt Spock, A079875!


Alright, here is a face for the ages!  One look at Billy Bob and your heart is guaranteed to expand a few sizes!  He is an 8-year-old black brindle Mastiff and Boxer mix that loves affection and some down-right good conversation.  Billy Bob seeks an owner with “large dog handling” experience, and will gain greatly from regular, focused basic training.  Who says you can’t teach an older dog new tricks?  You can when they are as sweet and sociable as this big fella!  Billy Bob is so cool, he even gets along with other canine companions, although, an in-shelter Meet & Greet is necessary, of course.  This handsome lad loves people, is good with kids, and is ready to find a family for the second time around!  Do you have the space for Billy Bob, because this boy is surely worth making room for!   Adopt Billy Bob, A077061.


Greyson is an 8-year-old, domestic longhair whose handsome grey fur and moon eyes will steal your heart! He can be a shy boy at first, but his sweetness more than makes up for the time he’ll take to warm up. He absolutely loves to be brushed and can’t help but purr nonstop when he’s having a great time! He needs an adult home with kids 13 years and older and needs to be the only pet in the household. He’s also on a special diet, so please discuss requirements with the shelter staff. If you’d like to give this distinguished, sweet gentleman a forever home, adopt Greyson, A075727!

FEATURED PETS: Danny Boy and Liam

Danny Boy is a 9-month-old Dutch mix rabbit. He’s best buds with Liam, a 5-month-old white rabbit with bright blue eyes. These two cuties are fond of being petted and loved, but they also know how to keep each other entertained. Like all little boys, they love playing with balls, chasing each other around, and climbing – on top of their tunnel toys, that is.  They also enjoy digging in phone books, which we think is to find a cute female bunny’s phone number. When Danny Boy and Liam get tired from playing, this bonded pair even likes to nap together. You won’t regret adopting Danny Boy (A079698) and Liam (A079697)!


Get up and get excited, because Diesel is in the house!  This under 3 year old black and white Pit Bull Terrier boy is a very sweet pup with loads of energy, and he cannot wait to meet you!  Diesel will need daily exercise (don’t we all?) and will make the ideal companion for hiking, running, speed-walking, and regular-speed-walking.  He has a jolly face and a cute white chest patch to go along with his bubbly personality!  Diesel likes kids, but they must be older, because he doesn’t understand his excitable strength, and we don’t want any little ones accidentally getting knocked over.  No cats for this canine, please.  So, has this write-up gotten you amp’d up?!  Then get your tail to the shelter and take home a handsome fellow like Diesel, A076264!

Featured Pet: NIBSY

Get excited, run around the block, do a jump, because… Nibsy is here, and she has been for too long!  This darling girl has spent a third of her life at the shelter; no dog should be a seasoned orphan.  It is beyond time that Nibsy finds true human love!  She is a super high-energy Pit Bull Terrier mix with a sweet personality!  She will be your exercise partner and then still have more stamina to continue, so a yard for playing is crucial; no apartment living for this pup!  Nibsy is three years young, and she might be alright with other big dogs, but small pets and kids under 10 will simply be overwhelmed by her strength and excitement level.  She’s a kisser and tail-wagger on a mission!  Check out her fun video on the website and get an idea of what a great companion Nibsy will be!  Are you a happy, high-octane household looking for the matching four-legged friend?  Adopt pretty Nibsy, A072420!


Sweet, little Clayton is an adult red and white guinea pig. Clayton is reserved around new sights and sounds, but he’s extremely playful and enjoys affection once he becomes comfortable with his surroundings. When this cutie finds a toy he wants to play with, he “popcorns” (the guinea pig equivalent of jumping for joy) around the item. He likes teething cups, but blocks are his favorite, and it’s fun to watch him chew, wrestle, and toss them! If you want an entertaining and loving friend, adopt Clayton, A078961!


Beau is a very sweet American Bulldog mix, looking for a committed, loving friend for life. He’s fond of belly scratches, and his goofiness makes him super lovable! At 1 year 8 months, he’s full of puppy energy, so he’d make a great hiking/walking partner. Beau is great with older, respectful kids who are 13 years and up. An experienced owner who can give him daily exercise is ideal. If you want a fun, playful companion, adopt Beau, A078576.