Foster Kitten Parents Needed

Kitten season has arrived and we need more kitten foster parents!   We need your help!

Kitten Adoption Fairs

When: Every first and third Saturday of the month
Where: Burbank Animal Shelter
What: KFP Kitten Adoption Fairs
Upcoming Dates:
  • November 4 and 18
  • December 2 and 16

Featured Volunteer – Kelly Rodriguez

Kelly-3 (1)Kelly is a returning volunteer, having come back to the VBAS at the end of last year. Since returning, she has been a whirlwind of volunteer activity! She is active in working with the medical team, dog socializing and helping show our animals via Instagram. Here photos and videos make our animals shine. Thank you Kelly for all of your amazing work!


Angela photoAngela is one of our super-dedicated bunny volunteers.  She knows everything there is to know about our little fluffy friends – and is happy to educate the public in the hopes of making the perfect adoption.  You can always find her in the bunny corral, giving our rabbit residents attention, exercise and love.  Thank you, Angela, for everything you do!

Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Heeber


Jennifer is an all-around wonderful volunteer. She has been an integral part of the KFP team for a long time, helping with adoption fairs, coordinating medical needs and helping wherever she is needed. Over the last year, she has also become involved in many other aspects of the VBAS, including helping out with volunteer services and becoming part of the training team. And in everything she does, her upbeat attitude, sweet personality and kindness shine through. Thank you, Jennifer for everything you do!


BPOC-2Bianca uses her skill and talent to take beautiful pictures of the cats at the Shelter. She comes in and works by herself, not only taking the photos but somehow getting the cats in just the right pose and attitude to take a great picture. If you ever want to be amazed, just watch her single-handedly wrangle and photograph a litter of kittens! She is dependable and can be counted on to come get the kitty photos, no matter how many hours she has worked that week.

Thank you Bianca for lending your talents to the cats of the BAS.


IMG_1955Our Volunteer of the Month for June is Ed Canavan! Ed is one of our dedicated dog volunteers and also has excelled at providing wrangling services for the Photo Team each week. He is reliable, committed, communicative and consistent – all the things a good volunteer should be! Thank you for all your hard work, Ed and congratulations!

Volunteer Spotlight: Andy Mesecher

Andy VOM photo

Andy is an indispensable part of our social media team. He works tirelessly to post photos and stories that will help get the word out and get our animals adopted. He researches what will work best on social media and communicates that to the entire team. When in the shelter, Andy can be found socializing, bathing, and just giving needed love and attention to our dog residents. Thank you, Andy, for everything you do!

January Volunteer of the Month: Paulina Logan

Paulina and BernieOur Volunteer of the Month for January is Paulina Logan!  Paulina is one of the members of our wonderful Photo Team, helping to wrangle the animals for the photographers.  In addition, she uses her talents to create great videos of our adoptable animals set to her wonderful original music, to get them more exposure to potential adopters.  Paulina is always upbeat, friendly and helpful, and we are lucky to have volunteers like her!

November Volunteer of the Month: Dawn Allen

Dawn AllenAlthough Dawn has only been a volunteer with us for a relatively short time, she has certainly become an indispensable part of the VBAS! Between cleaning, working with the dogs, adoption counseling, helping with events, working on the distribution team, having new volunteers shadow her and bringing in new ideas to raise awareness and adoptions, Dawn is a whirlwind of volunteer activity. Thank you, Dawn! We’re lucky to have volunteers like you!

October Volunteer of the Month: Eric Reyes

Erik ReyesErik is the epitome of a good volunteer!  Always cheerful, helpful and kind, Erik has been instrumental in the buddy training program.  When not washing, walking or showing dogs to potential adopters, Erik is always looking for someone to help.  Thank you, Erik for everything you do!


Debbie_smDebbie is a long-term volunteer with the VBAS who has been actively involved in every aspect of the organization. Whether she’s training new volunteers, working with insecure or frightened dogs, interviewing potential adopters to make the perfect forever match or just spending some quiet time giving love and attention to all the shelter animals, she does it all with enthusiasm and confidence. Deb’s commitment to the animals and her fellow volunteers are an example for all of us to follow. Thank you, Debbie!

June Volunteer of the Month: Jacie Brain

DSC_0009 Although Jacie Brain has been with the VBAS for less than a year, she has certainly made her mark! When not cuddling and socializing a hissy kitten or exercising one of the big dogs, Jacie is busy as a key member of the buddy training program. She enthusiastically shows volunteers how to properly wash dogs, exercise them in the yard or safely walk them around the Shelter. As an athlete herself, she understands the importance of getting the dogs enough exercise, and has taken on the job of agility training with many of the large dogs. She can often be found in the yard, patiently teaching them to jump through hoops. Thank you, Jacie, for all you do!


DSC_0040Christine Hoffman has been the KFP recruiter for several years, and can often be seen managing kitten foster adoption fairs and helping out at the shelter on the weekends. Christine comes up with innovative ideas to recruit Kitten Foster volunteers, meets each prospective volunteer for a one on one orientation, and is always willing to help out wherever she is needed. Christine keeps track of all the kitten foster volunteers contact information and maintains our adopter database. While many might not know Christine, she is always working in the background, often from home and behind the scenes to get the job done. Without Christine the Kitten Foster Program would not have 60 foster families ready to take on kitten season each year.


IMG492Irene Orozco is an absolute angel.  Nicknamed “Mama Irene” by the staff, she has been a volunteer with the VBAS for many years.  She comes in after work at 4:00 most weekdays to help.  She socializes the shy cats or dogs, cleans anything and everything, and basically tucks in the animals for the night.  She can take the most fearful and hissy kittens and turn them around to be adoptable.  Some days she comes in with her daughter Marisol and they are a tag-team of efficiency taking care of the animals.  Showing cats and dogs, poop patrol, litter box patrol, checking food and water, and helping the medical staff put away animals after surgery are just a few more things she does in those 2 hours.  Mama Irene is a huge help to medical and kennel staff – and especially fellow volunteers!


January Volunteer of the Month: Your VBAS Photo Team!

photo The VBAS Photo Team
This team meets weekly on Thursday’s to photograph the animals that are available or are becoming available for adoption. When days are light, the team doesn’t just pack up and go home, they reshoot animals that have been at the shelter for awhile to continuously get our adoptable animals seen by the public. It is the collective effort of the wranglers, photographers, and coordinator that makes the Photo Team such a vital part of the success of the VBAS.

Thank you!

December Volunteer of the Month: Your VBAS Team!

VBAS 2012 - Group Photo_Web Size-1

As we close out 2012, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank each and every member of the VBAS. You’re all our December Volunteers of the Month!

Our VBAS volunteers work in almost every aspect of the Burbank Animal Shelter. They’re on poop patrol; they’re sitting on a bench with a harder to adopt dog so (s)he has the opportunity to be noticed by the public. You may have talked with a volunteer about their foster kitten; you may have had a volunteer smile and greet you at one of our recent events.

No matter how you slice it, each of our volunteers is truly special. They all come to the VBAS with one goal in mind – to help find homes for every animal that walks through the Burbank Animal Shelter doors. And this month, we celebrate all the time, energy and spirit our volunteers put into their work with our organization… and most importantly, with the shelter residents they work with.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work. Can’t wait to see the successes 2013 will surely bring!

Volunteer of the Month: November

Picture this: a long-time volunteer tirelessly dedicated to making sure the community knows about the shelter and the animals that are cared for here. But no imagination is necessary, because that volunteer is Lorry Izor, our Volunteer of the Month for November. Lorry is the leader for the VBAS photo team that takes pictures for the shelter website, publicity materials, and the photos that appear on Pet Harbor. She helps wrangle the animals for their close-ups, ensures that the photos get to shelter staff, and maintains a database of pictures of the pets that have passed through our doors. In addition, she can be found helping out in many other ways, including the Adopt-A-Pet Show, community events, program planning, email communications, or wherever an extra hand is needed. She gives many hours of her time every month and is always a happy and enthusiastic person to work with. In the month when we traditionally give thanks for our blessings in life, it’s only appropriate that we honor Lorry and give thanks for her continued service.


Back to School, Football, Labor Day … all these great things happen during the Fall months, but for VBAS one of the most important things about Fall is selecting the people to honor as our Volunteers of the Month! Tino Costa and Carolyn Malden represent September and October and we are thrilled to present them as great examples of the heart and soul of the VBAS.

September Volunteer of the Month

Constantino Costa, Tino for short, grew up on his father’s cargo vessel and traveled the world before landing in Burbank, California. Although Tino has sailed around the Greek isles, through the Indian Ocean, and been through most of Europe, he has found a home socializing the feline companions at the animal shelter. Tino’s worldly perspective has given him a calm and accepting attitude that soothes the hissiest kitten or the angriest cat into loving submission. It is here that Tino has found his calling by being an instrumental figure in our feral cat program, constantly documenting our available animals on Pet Finder and assisting the staff with tricky cat adoptions. Like the ship he grew up on, Tino sees how each individual and every action, no matter how small, contributes to the success of the overall organization and that’s what makes him successful in supporting every program he joins.  Along with his amazing contribution to the hissiest cats, he’s also been an instrumental Volunteer helping in the Volunteer Services department as well.  He’s interviewed and met several  of the current VBAS Volunteers.  This drive, attitude, and eye for cooperation make Constantino Costa our September Volunteer of the Month!

October Volunteer of the Month

Superheroes are popular choices for Halloween costumes, so October seems the perfect month to recognize someone who has become a shelter superwoman, helping so often and with so many things, it’s hard to believe she’s a mere mortal! Carolyn Malden began volunteering with the bunnies, bringing them fresh greens and consistently offering to come in to take care of them whenever needed. The turtles, chickens, and other animals enjoy her thoughtful care for them as she tends to their food and water as well. Carolyn has applied her incredible attention to detail in tidying up and organizing the Bunny Corral. She brought in containers for the hay and other items, and she posted whiteboards with calendars and a task chart to help us track what has been done each day. When the washer and dryer weren’t working, she even took home dirty towels to launder them herself. Additionally, Carolyn has graced the shelter with her great sense of aesthetics, including prepping and decorating for the Black and White Catillion as well as adding some autumn flair to the bulletin boards in the main hallway. On top of all that, she took in foster kittens and helped at the Warner Bros. event. Staff and other volunteers have been amazed by Carolyn’s investment of time and energy. With her loving heart and industriousness, she has made an incredible impact. For all of that and more, we are delighted to announce Carolyn as our October Volunteer of the Month!

Volunteer of the Month: Amy Reynolds

Though many people call this time of year the dog days of summer, for us at the Burbank Animal Shelter that just means a time to give special attention to our canine guests and to those who help care for them and help them get adopted. Therefore, we are proud to announce that our Volunteer of the Month is Amy Reynolds. Amy has been volunteering at the shelter for two years and has devoted much time and energy to keeping our dogs happy and helping match them with the perfect forever home. She is one of our Level 2 dog trainers, and her wit and personality make her classes fun and informative. If she’s not leading a training class, she can be found exercising a dog in the yard or talking with potential adopters.
Amy is also a talented photographer and puts her skills to work taking pictures of all our adoptable animals. These pictures are then shown on the shelter website, Twitter feed, Facebook page and in the weekly Pet of the Week features, helping the animals look their best for the public and drawing in potential adopters.
Amy has shown great dedication and enthusiasm in whatever she does and is well-deserving of our thanks and congratulations as the Volunteer of the Month.