Kitten Foster Volunteer

“Foster a Kitten- Save 9 Lives”

kfpvThe Kitten Foster Program is actively recruiting Bottle Feeders and volunteers for the 2017 Season!

Each year the Kitten Foster Program (KFP) takes in hundreds of kittens to care for and facilitate adoptions to their forever homes. Our kitten foster program is essential to their well-being. Each year, thousands of animals enter the shelter system around the country, sadly less than 50% make it out. Without programs like the KFP, many of these kittens would not survive. We are always in need of volunteers to open their hearts and homes to raise them to adoption.

What does fostering entail?

Kitten foster parents are volunteers who provide temporary homes and care to young kittens until they are adopted. Fostering includes rehabilitating sick, injured, orphaned, or unsocialized kittens. Foster families provide warm, loving homes and care for kittens until they can be adopted. The KFP will provide all supplies needed to foster, the volunteer provides love, care, socialization, timely attention to medical needs and meets with potential adopters either at home or at adoption fairs.

Who can foster?

Anyone with some spare time can foster kittens. Depending on your availability and experience, there is a kitten foster for you. You do not need past experience, our foster program will train and support you during your fostering experience.

What types of kittens go into foster care?

Kittens that are too small to stay at the shelter; anywhere from 1-2 days old up to 8 weeks of age will come into foster care. Some need to be bottle fed (bottle feeders), some are transitioning from the bottle to solid food, others are eating solid food but may need socialization or medical attention. Based on your availability and experience, our foster program will communicate with you to determine the right match.

What would my responsibilities include as a foster parent?

Caring for kittens, making sure they are eating and using the litter box, providing medications according to the medical staff (if applicable), bringing kittens in for routine or as needed appointments, attending adoption events, and communicating with the foster program as to the progress of the foster kittens. Kittens stay in foster care until they are adopted. Foster volunteers also follow up with adopters after adoption to ensure the foster family and kitten are acclimating well.

This sounds great! How can I become involved?

If you want to open your home to foster kittens, please complete our Kitten Foster Volunteer Profile. Our recruiter will be in touch with you upon receiving your profile.

If fostering kittens is not possible but you would still like to help the program:

Want to Volunteer?

For more information, please contact:
KFP Recruiter: Fabiola

Next Steps:
Please complete the Kitten Foster Family Profile. You will be interviewed to match your lifestyle with the appropriate kitten group.