Volunteer of the Month

Tanyada Soonthon doesn’t bring a lot of attention to herself and isn’t one to be outspoken. But when you ask volunteers about her, everyone has plenty to say! Some say her contributions are astronomical, others say phenomenal. What’s for certain is that last Spring’s PAWStronomical Pet CPR Event wouldn’t have been successful without her help. Tanyada sent out vendor and sponsor invites, followed through on requests and handled vendor set-up the day of the event with efficiency and a smile on her face. Some say she’s giving, others say supportive. What’s for certain is when the VBAS Treasurer needs help with the donations, Tanyada is happy to oblige. Some might say she’s feisty, and others might call her playful. What’s for certain is that she is happy to look after the cats regularly. Some say her personality is soft, others say warm, and still others say gentle. What’s for certain is that when there is a bunny in need, Tanyada will take them in. A few months back when the shelter was filled with bunnies, she began fostering a Mom and four darling baby bunnies and is working hard to find them all permanent homes.

Some say you’re dedicated, others say you’re a delight. What’s for certain is that everything that been said is true. You’re phenomenal, giving, warm and delightful—and we honor all the work that you do on behalf of the animals.

But alas, there is still one last thing to say and that is… Thank you!

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