Skyler is an adventurous, cute little boy with medium length white fur, dark Siamese points and pure white little paws. He even has little white patches on his cheeks – really a striking and beautiful little guy. He loves his little sister Abby, and they are terrific playmates together. He loves to climb up to the top of the scratching post, crouch on the top, and then pounce on his little sister. He has grown up with his sister Abby, 3 dogs, and 4 cats. The 3 dogs include 2 large, bouncy puppies – he marches right up to their noses for an Eskimo kiss. He is very playful, and loves to crawl up to sleep in your lap when he gets tired. The adorable positions he gets into while he’s sleeping will give his human friends many opportunities to get photos that will win awards Please contact Mary at to get more information.