Description: Hey! I’m Allie, as in Allie Cat! Don’t be confused by my name, though- I love affection and the creature comforts of home. I’m outgoing, playful and love the attention of people and animals around me! Sometimes I can get a little feisty, and for that reason I’m not the best fit for a home with children. Still, my loving personality and cute calico markings make me unique and perfect fit for a home with personable other pets and friendly, loving people! Though I do love some playful petting, I also love to relax on your bed, computer chairs, and other choice comfy areas. I’m hoping we can lay in your bed and cuddle and then maybe after play fetch (my favorite game!) with some of my many toys! I’m a year old, but I’ve got the spirit of a kitten and want to be your permanent companion! Foster contact – Rebecca,, 414 759 5447.