DESCRIPTION: Is there a soft spot in your heart for a little fella who’s had a pretty hard life? I’m Wilson. I may have had a rough start but like my namesake, Wilson the volleyball in the movie CASTAWAY, I’m a survivor
and have bounced back to become a happy, healthy kitten. I’m a lovely smoky gray with beautiful blue eyes. Though I’m getting bigger every day, I’m the “small and slender” type who’s probably not going to get very big. When I was younger I got so much individual attention from my foster mom that I’m VERY people oriented now. In fact, I follow her all around the house like a puppy. I love to be cuddled, held and stroked and to snuggle against your chest. When I play, I play hard, zipping all around the room, leaping over anything in my path. I especially like wand toys and will chase one for as long as you’re willing to play. I get on well with other cats and have been raised around dogs big and small. In fact, one of my best pals is a Doberman named Maisie. I’m very neat and use my litter box without mistakes. It’s going to be hard to say good-bye to my foster mom Jody (818-763-7372) but she says there’s a home waiting for me with a special person who needs a special little guy like me.