Description: Hi! My name is Linus, and I am a cute little grey tabby kitten. I have lots of fun little spots on my belly like a leopard. Sometimes I like to pretend I am a bear though, because I like to rise up on my hind legs and then pound down onto my front paws as if I was big and scary. I usually don’t fool too many people though, because I am also a huge cuddle bug. One of my favorite things is to cuddle in your arms and give you kisses. I can sleep in anyones arms forever! When I’m not in a cuddly mood, you can find me chasing my sister Lucy around, or making mischief elsewhere. I love to explore small places. I am also a very tidy kitty. I sometimes help give my sister baths. I would love to find a forever home with my sister because we have grown up together and are best buds! If you’d like to meet us, contact my foster mommy, Jennifer! (218) 591 – 6636