Hello everyone! My name is Bella, and I’m a spunky grey kitten with lots of personality. I was born the runt of my litter and have grown to be a wonderfully healthy girl! I am very strong and lean, have a beautiful long tail, and look like a kitty super model. My name isn’t Bella for nothing! My fur is very short as well, which helps me show off my beautiful curves. Because I am a runt, it’s possible that I might not grow to be as big as the average kitty, but you never know, I may surprise you! My favorite activities involve running through the house with string-like toys in my mouth, bouncing on the bed, and wrestling with my foster sister. I also enjoy climbing up onto my foster mom’s chest and taking a nap. If you can handle a kitty as beautiful as me to bless your home, give my foster mom a call! Jennifer @ (218) 591 – 6636 or