Description:Hello!  My name is Bubu, pronounced Boo-Boo.  I am one of the most loving and affectionate Siamese/tabby mixes to ever walk this planet.  I am a bit of a chatter-box, so you better be ready to hear me tell you lots of stories!  I also love to purr the instant you start paying attention to me, and my favorite spot to sit is usually right under your chin.  At nighttime, it is always mandatory that I sleep on or directly next to you, so I hope you are into cuddling like I am!  I love to run through the house and chase my sister, Lulu.  We are best buds and have never been apart from each other, so it’s best we go to a home together.  Plus, since I am constantly looking for attention, having my sister around will keep me most entertained!  If you’d like to meet me and see for yourself how much love I have to offer, contact my foster mom, Jennifer, at (218) 591 – 6636 or jennifer.fagre@gmail.com