Description:Hi! My name is Lulu, and I am a beautiful tabby kitten that loves to be cuddled. I am very easy going and will pretty much let you pick me up and cuddle me whenever you want! Sometimes it’s my idea too, and I’ll crawl my way to a comfortable spot right on your chest for a little nap. I have a very sweet meow and am very polite, unlike my brother Bubu who likes to hog all the conversation. My brother Bubu and I are very close and really want to be adopted together. I love to jump on the bed with my brother and pounce on all my toys. We also very much enjoy wrestling with each other, and we’re usually very fair about taking turns on who wins the battle! When it’s time to relax, I love purring myself to sleep. If you’d like to meet me, contact my foster mom, Jennifer, at (218) 591 – 6636 or