Alice A057174
Description: Hi, my name is Alice. I’m a fluffy grey and white medium-haired female kitten. I love to play, bounce around, and pounce on cat toys, as well as my brothers and sisters. I have a very distinct meow.  It’s more of a squeak than anything, and at first my foster dad was going to call me (squeaky) hinge, but then he smartened up. I grew up in a litter with 5 brothers and sisters, and now I’m living with a couple of adult cats too, and we all get along just fine. I like people, although I can be a little shy at first. I’m more of a lover than a fighter, and definitely not an alpha cat. But if you give me a few minutes I’ll be rubbing against you and purring up a storm. When I’m tired and sleepy, I like to curl up in laps too. I’d love to go to a home with another cat, especially my sister Penelope. So if you’re looking for a nice fluffy feline who is a softie at heart, I’m your kitten! Contact my foster dad, Chris and come meet me!