Penelope A057173
Description: Hi, I’m Penelope! I’m a short-haired female Calico/Tortie kitten. I’m the smallest in my litter of six, but I make up with it with a big personality!  I’m very curious and I like to run, jump (oh, boy, can I jump. Usually straight up.), and when it’s feeding time I meow up a storm (feed me!). I also have no fear. When it was time to meet the adult cats in my foster home, I was the first one to walk up and bump noses. When my foster dad put out a wind up mouse, I was the first to run out and knock it around. While my littermates hid, I walked up and *laughed* at the Roomba and gave it a swat. I’m really something else. But when playtime is done, I like to curl up with my foster dad and my littermates. I’d be happiest in a house with another cat, and if you wanted to adopt me with my sister Alice, that would make me very happy as well. So what are you waiting for? Contact my foster dad, Chris, and come meet me!