Description: Soft, fluffy, medium-long-haired Charcoal has a very interesting coat. It has a grey layer underneath the black so he looks almost charcoal gray. When you pick him up, he’s usually like a little rag doll. When he’s busy terrorizing the fake fur mice at the Kitten Ranch, he’s another story! He loves to carry a toy, his “prey”, around the house an elicit little “grrrrsss” to the other kittens to tell them this toy is “mine”! He’s also very affectionate and gives lots of little kisses on your chin when you hold him or when he’s sleeping next to you. Charcoal will be best in a home where he is the “only cat” as he loves so much attention from you. To meet Charcoal, contact her foster MomKat, Nancy at 626.373.3636 or email