Mr. White

Mr. White2

Description: Mr. White is a calm, affectionate tabby kitten with brown, black, and grey markings on his body, with white paws and a white chin and a leopard-spotted belly. He was part of a litter of four identical kittens, so his foster family gave him a white collar to tell him apart from the others–and the name Mr. White just seemed to fit this serious, loving little kitten. He will sit quietly with his face as close to your face as he can get it and stare longingly into your eyes; that is, as long as you are the one who feeds him! Mr. White is used to being in a house with other kittens, an older cat, and a young child, but he bonds most with whoever operates the can-opener, so he would do just well as an only cat as he would with a large family of playmates. To meet this gentle sweetheart, contact his foster mom Kelli at