I’m Oliver (Phantom face markings) and my brother over here is Joey.He doesn’t talk much so I will tell you a little bit about us so you will fall in love with us. My foster family says we are the sweetest, most well behaved and inseparable kittens they have ever had.We run around like crazy and have a great time jumping off couches and running all over the place but we never cry or cause trouble.Don’t kid yourself; we just haven’t discovered our voice yet. We love to cuddle especially at night while your sleeping and relaxing on the couch and we will always be there to greet you at the door and keep you company while you get ready each morning. Joey and I are together all of the time and it would be great if my brother and I could stay together because we are crazy about each other.I pose great for photos and love to be brushed and to have my ears rubbed. If you want to hear more great things and meet us, please contact my foster Mom Valarie at (818) 388-7036.