Description: Olga is a very playful 1 year old, grey, short haired, super affectionate 7 pound female.  She is used to being around cats but would do well as an only cat as long as she is given plenty of affection and playtime. Olga was a foster kitten at 7 days old and adopted at 3 months. Her adopter had to move and was unable to keep her.  She’s back with her original foster mom now, is very attentive, and likes to follow her around the house.  She’s quite the lover, and likes to sit next to her mom’s feet in the morning when she is putting on makeup.  When she hears different noises her ears flatten out and look like airplane wings.  Olga also gets along great with the other male cat in the house.  She is a real sweetie, and we need to find her a forever home.  For additional information please contact her foster mom Jennifer@thevbas.org .