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Support of one of our programs with an in-kind contribution. Our wish list contains items that will directly impact the health and happiness of a shelter pet.

  • Kitten Foster Program (KFP)The Kitten Foster Program is managed solely by the VBAS and is 100% funded by monetary and in-kind donations made to the organization. Countless feline lives are saved each year by this highly successful program. As our kitten population increases each year, so does our need for additional supplies.Please check the Amazon KFP Wish List for the items we need most right now.
  • The Puppy Foster Program takes in orphan puppies who need round the clock care. This program is all volunteer staffed and funded solely by monetary and in-kind donations. Many lives are saved each year because of the care and support provided by PFP. Supplies for puppies can be found on the Amazon PFP Wish List.

Does your office participate in a collection program for local charities? Are you a member of the Girl Scouts or Boy Scout of America and needing to fulfill a community service project? Would you like to donate a present over the holidays? If so, check out our Amazon wish lists for what we currently need, and your gift can be shipped directly to the Burbank Animal Shelter.

All items can be dropped off at the Burbank Animal Shelter located at 1150 N. Victory Place between 10am – 5pm on Tuesday – Saturday and 11am- 3pm on Sunday. If you need additional information, please send us an email at